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(Abyssal realm)
Ruler Jezelda
Ecology Moorland, swamps, bogs
Denizens Hezrou, froghemoths, antipaladins, scared humanoids
Description Misty moonlit moor of frightened victims

Source: Lords of Chaos, pg(s). 17

The Moonbog is the name of the nocturnal Abyssal realm of the demon lord Jezelda. A single moon shines down from a starry sky on a bleak landscape. The stars might actually be the eyes of favoured wolf companions of the realm's mistress viewing events on the surface.[1][2]

The realm consists of endless moorlands, wetlands, bogs, fens, and marshy plains, and hezrou demons and fiendishly affected froghemoths stalk the wetlands. The hezrous fight the demon wolves of Jezelda for supremacy and rule over lairs.[3] The most important areas are the hunting grounds of Jezelda on the moorlands, where humanoids from many worlds have been collected to form frightened villages that satisfy Jezelda's appetites for hunting and prey.[1][2] Lycanthropes and antipaladins of Jezelda stage eternal hunts on the moors,[2] and Jezelda's minions constantly work to keep them populated.[1]

The realm is directly connected to the River Styx.[1]


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