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Temperate or warm forests, hills, or underground
Source: Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2, pg(s). 42

The mobat is a species of intelligent, giant bat found on Golarion's deepest forests and darkest caves.1


A mobat has brown or black fur, and a mouth full of sharp teeth. A typical specimen has a wingspan of fifteen feet and weighs two hundred and fifty pounds.1


Mobats are omnivorous, but their preferred diet is fresh meat.1 They have also been known to supplement their diet with sweet mold, a fungus that is a popular food source in the Darklands.2

Habitat and society

They are generally found in small colonies of up to eight individuals. Their usual habitats are remote forests, hills, and underground caverns of the world.1

Mobats are far more intelligent than normal bats, being almost as bright as the average orc. They can understand Sakvroth, the common language of the Darklands, but cannot speak it.1


They are reasonably agile and stealthy fliers for such large creatures, and their sharp teeth can cause grievous wounds. However, possibly their most feared ability is their piercing screech, which can temporarily stun their prey.1


The urdefhan of Orv ride undead, ghoulish mobats called skavelings.3

On other worlds

Mobats can be found beyond Golarion on the verdant planet of Castrovel and among the asteroid belt known as the Diaspora.4


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