Midnight Isles

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Midnight Isles
(Abyssal realm)
Ruler Shamira
Denizens succubi, incubi,[1] tieflings, humanoids[2]
Description Debased island realm in eternal night

Source: Lords of Chaos, pg(s). 21, 40

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The Midnight Isles is an Abyssal realm of many islands shrouded in sensual immorality and eternal darkness.[1][3] It is ruled by the nascent demon lord Shamira, who succeeded her former mistress Nocticula after she became a deity and left the Abyss.[4]

The island chain is located in Dagon's ocean of Ishiar in an area where the water is black, and it is always night. The ocean here is linked to the River Styx.[3] The islands are lit by a large, pale moon for eight hours, then by dim, unnatural points and threads of light for eight hours.[2]

Each island is associated with a powerful entity that had been assassinated by Nocticula, and her realm expanded with a new island after each new assassination. Each island is ruled by a unique succubus or incubus, and has its own ecology based on the victim the island represents.[3]

The largest island at the centre of the archipelago is Alinythia, Nocticula's former home, where the succubus queen found her own pleasures.[3] They included the company of Shamira,[5] appointed by Nocticula as ruler over the island and her capital city of Alushinyrra.[2]