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Farfen (raven)
Source: The Dead Roads, pg(s). 56

Mictena is a relentless, bureaucratic catrina psychopomp obsessed with efficiency.1


Mictena resembles a skeleton adorned with a garland of bright flowers and clad in a long, flowing, colourful dress. She never slouches and rarely sits down, holding herself high as a principle. Her forehead is adorned with spreading lines connected together; she considers it a symbol of the interconnected orderliness of all things, and she reads people depending on how they interpret the symbol.1


Mictena remembers the first soul she ushered to the afterlife: the eager, understanding elf Ethariel, whom she considers the exemplar of mortal maturity and orderly progression from life to death. She views all other souls that she guided annoyingly inefficient: mortals who plead for more time, priests who resurrect the dead, daemons that prey on souls, and so on, are all considered out-of-sync with cosmic purpose.1

Mictena's efforts earned her the Deathbower, a garden at the edge of the Graveyard of Souls, where her power is the strongest, albeit limited due to pacts with other psychopomps and the inscrutable rules of the movement of souls. Mictena carefully tended and shaped the Deathbower herself, ensuring that every little piece rested in its proper place.1


Due to the Deathbower's size, Mictena relies on loyal guards and retainers for most menial work.1


Mictena's familiar is a raven named Farfen.1


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