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Merhuretz is one of the tallest islands in the ruins of Azlant and formerly one of the greatest mountains on the continent, located near its eastern coast. It is also called Aroden's Rock, as it was the place where Aroden gathered the survivors of Earthfall to prepare for their exodus out of Azlant to distant colonies in Garund and Avistan.12

Aroden and Ugruskogg

Aroden and his people found Merhuretz far from uninhabited when they first arrived. He banded with other refugees, many of them former enemies now fighting on the same side, and scoured the lowland forests of the evil fey who had been keeping humans away from the area since the beginning of history. In order to build a fleet of ships seaworthy enough to cross the Arcadian Ocean, all refugees needed to cooperate with each other to deforest the entire island.1

Aroden and his allies detected an evil intelligence that had been controlling the fey, and initially suspected the alghollthus who were responsible for Earthfall, but eventual investigations revealed that this creature was Ugruskogg, which the fey claimed to be nearly as old as Golarion itself.1

Aroden eventually tracked Ugruskogg to an ancient cave on the summit of Merhuretz and discovered a fossilised ammonite the size of a castle door, emerging from the other side of the cave chamber like a bas-relief. The chamber was filled with remnants of offerings dating back centuries. Although Ugruskogg remained immobile, all of Aroden's allies knew that it was still alive.1

No one knows what exactly happened in the chamber that day. According to the Forbidden Libram of the House of Secrets, Aroden and his allies peacefully left the chamber after having struck a deal with Ugruskogg—one that they never spoke of again. In exchange for some undisclosed, malevolent sacrifice, the deal allowed Aroden and his people to safely use Merhuretz for five years as a refuge before departing to the east.1

Merhuretz today

In modern times, Merhuretz is once again filled with murderous fey that attack any who seek refuge within the ruins of the buildings constructed by the refugees so long ago. Worse, visitors always dream of Ugruskogg, which summons them for an audience on the top of the mountain.1


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