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Source: Pyramid of the Sky Pharaoh, pg(s). 66

Mekuhare is an elder androsphinx who secretly served as the advisor of Pharaoh Hakotep I during his reign.1


During their first meeting, Hakotep and Mekuhare came into conflict due to Hakotep's poor manners and brash sense of protocol. The fight ended in a draw. After a year, Hakotep returned with offerings of rare knowledge and magic. Many years passed, and Mekuhare eventually came to see Hakotep as a friend and to enjoy their conversations.1

Outside of a few of Hakotep's most trusted advisors, nobody knew about Mekuhare's association with Hakotep. His knowledge contributed to the creation of Hakotep's flying pyramid. After Hakotep died, Mekuhare, unwilling to provide counsel to anyone else, retreated to the desert and turned his body into stone, projecting his consciousness out of the Material Plane to seek further knowledge.1


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