Marnius Cherlorne

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Marnius Cherlorne
Titles Governor of Gralton
Alignment Chaotic good
Race/Species Human
Class Aristocrat 5 /Warrior 1
Gender Male
Homeland Gralton

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 17

Marnius Cherlorne is the current Governor of Gralton in the River Kingdoms. He was appointed in 4687 AR after the death of the previous governor, Hannon Gralt during a bandit raid.

After the assault, Governor Cherlorne worked hard to restore order, quell the fears of the populace, and rebuild the fire-damaged town. Despite his efforts, the settlement did not thrive after its repair. Even so, through his administration he did succeed in saving the town from total abandonment, and most of the citizens appreciate his efforts.[1]


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