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A goat is awakened by sitting on The Shepherd, a diabolical manifestation of Barbatos.

A manifestation is a display of divine power designed to awe and influence mortals, and are commonly created directly by demigods rather than by a deity's followers.1


Manifestations are invoked through a specific act performed at a location or on an object, such as a sacrifice of blood or wealth. A manifestation's effects can be temporary, persistent to the location, or infectious in such a way that its effects follow its victim similar to a curse.1

Neutralization and destruction

The effects of a manifestation can be temporarily neutralized though items and powers of opposing divine sources, such as holy or unholy water, or positive or negative energy. Zealous displays of faith performed by one or more faithful beings holding a holy symbol of their deity can also temporarily neutralize a manifestation.1

Each type of manifestation has a unique means of destroying it, which often involves sanctifying (or desecrating) the site of the manifestation by some means or performing an opposing sacrifice or ritual.1

A deity's followers are incapable of neutralizing or destroying their own deity's manifestations.1

Known manifestations



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