Mammon's Bier

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Mammon's Bier is the nexus of Erebus and the tomb of the archdevil Mammon. From here, Asmodeus expanded vaults beneath the city of Dis into an entire layer of Hell. Surrounding a coffin made of diamond are the 13,001 chests of gems, now infused with the energy of the Maelstrom, that Mammon had tried to win the proteans over with. Within the coffin is what remains of his former body and seven rubies said to be a drop of blood from each of the original archdevils.[1][2] The Lord of the Third promotes a common misconception and perceived weakness regarding his crypt. It is commonly believed that Mammon's heart is his former angelic body, kept safely guarded in the deepest reaches of his realm. In truth, Mammon's corpse holds no power and is nothing more than dust and bones.[3]


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