Maddy Whorlwalker

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Maddy Whorlwalker
Race/Species Nereid
Gender Female
Homeland Near Usk River and Cairn of Attai Horse-Speaker, Nidal
Organization White Riders
Cohort Kelpies
Companion(s) Kahak

Source: Tombs of Golarion, pg(s). 5

In 4715 AR, nereid Maddy Whorlwalker and her companions discovered a submerged passage which links the Usk River with a sinkhole beneath the Cairn of Attai Horse-Speaker in Nidal. They invaded the ancient tomb but Attai's spirit awoke and repelled them from his chamber. Maddy lost her unique shawl in the battle and refuses to leave the cairn without it, but she is not powerful enough to recover it.[1]

Maddy and her companions, a nuckelavee named Kahak and a number of kelpies, prowl the nearby Usk River every night to murder travelers. They are known in the area as the White Riders.[1]


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