Lyserius Thrune

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Lyserius Thrune

Source: The Price of Infamy, pg(s). 56

Lyserius Thrune was a wealthy noble in Corentyn who noticed the young captain Arronax Endymion and sponsored his ascension to admiralty. During the time Admiral Endymion was chasing the enemies of House Thrune in command of the Fourth Chelish Fleet, Lyserius Thrune fell into a sordid and very public affair with Arronax's beautiful wife Adelise. When Arromax learned of the affair he went straight to Lyserius and demanded a duel. Lyserius just ordered a guard to shoot him and had him thrown out of Lyserius' court. Arronax retaliated by plundering Lyserius' shipping houses and burning them to the ground. He then fled past the Arch of Aroden in his flagship Tyrannous. Six more ships crewed by mutineers who had sworn their personal fealty to him years ago accompanied him.12


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