Luminous ooze

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Luminous ooze

Source: The Show Must Go On, pg(s). 85

Luminous oozes are a species of globular ooze that radiantly glow with blinding polychromatic light.1


Luminous oozes attract prey with an impressive light display before blinding them and striking. Many curious dungeon delvers have met their end when investigating the strange, beautiful light on cavern ceilings or walls. In groups, they take turns lighting up to blind foes and wearing them down with repeated blows. When struck with electricity, they absorb it like a lightning rod, and can release it when attacking. When luminous oozes feed, their bioluminescence softly dims, and they emit a low hum.1


Luminous oozes are sought out by socialites, bartenders, and showrunners as a source of prismatic light significantly cheaper than magical light shows. The most reliable way to contain them for this purpose is a cube- or sphere-shaped wall of force, which is unaffordable for most people, who simply put it in a thick glass box. Luminous oozes do not mind this as long as they are well fed, but might escape if left hungry, becoming a hazard to anyone nearby.1


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