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Lucinean Galdana

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Lucinean Galdana

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 143

Count Lucinean Galdana is the ruler of the rugged Ustalavic county of Amaans, where he is known as a fair and even-tempered ruler but is most renowned for his recreational pursuits. Count Galdana is a sportsman of great fame, a life-long bachelor who is widely respected for his hunting of fierce game, including wolves, boars, and the occasional brigand. In the last few years, Lucinean has taken to leaving on these excursions alone, which has led to wild rumours that he is involved in some sordid rendezvous with the maids of some remote mountain village. Some rumours even claim that his mysterious dalliances are with creatures not of this world but instead are with fey creatures.1

The Galdana family bloodline possesses an inherent talent for arcane powers, most notably those that control the mind and command the dead.2 Unknown to the count, one of his distant ancestors was the infamous Tar-Baphon, better known as the Whispering Tyrant.3

Willowmourn, the Galdana family estate, is located on the western shore of Lake Kavapesta.4


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