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Source: Kingmaker

Linzi is a halfling bard found traveling in the Stolen Lands.


Linzi used to be a student at the Pitax Academy of Grand Arts, but was expelled for "impudence towards persons of the highest esteem" — that is, for writing a raunchy limerick about Castruccio Irovetti, ruler of Pitax. Unabashed, she moved on with a bold plan: to find the next great hero in the making, join their party, and document their road to victory in the greatest book Golarion has ever seen. Sure, she never got her degree, so her turn of phrase might be a bit awkward sometimes, and she might use her artistic license to exaggerate things a bit... But only to deliver the best account possible of her protagonist's noble (or ignoble) deeds! What she lacks in bardic education, she makes up for in devotion to her vocation.

When it matters, she has a fierce spirit, is loyal to her friends, and is determined to follow them to glory, no matter what stands in their way. There is history to be made, a story to be told, and she is adamant to be there from the prologue to the last page. Linzi is a free spirit who holds little reverence towards noble titles. She truthfully records her protagonist's deeds, good or evil, and leaves it to the future generations to judge what kind of person they were.

Like all bards, Linzi can handle regular blades and bows, and protect herself with light armor and a shield. She is also quite competent with magic, but her true power lies in her music — she can compose enchanting songs that inspire heroism in her allies, and makes her enemies tremble.

Linzi is eager to help her protagonist rule their realm. Charismatic and well-meaning, she makes for a great diplomat who always tries to find a mutually-beneficial solution for all parties. She is also willing to lend a hand to support a young kingdom's cultural life, and let the artistic talents of the people flourish.1