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(extraplanar, inevitable, lawful)
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 164-165

Lhaksharuts are inevitables tasked with maintaining the separation between different planes of reality, especially the Elemental Planes.1


A typical lhaksharut is a six-armed construct that appears to be made of a mix of metals and stone. In place of legs, it has a complex orrery-like orb of spinning rings that grants the lhaksharut the ability to fly: its metal wings serve as little more than stabilisers when flying. The lhaksharut's two lower two hands hold large, flaming metal spheres which can generate elemental bolts of energy to be thrown at foes from great distances.1


Lhaksharuts do not concern themselves with normal planar travel, the creation of a demiplane or hijacking of a chunk of reality. They only care if there exists a semi-permanent link between planes or if the denizens of one plane plan to invade and conquer another.1

When possible, a lhaksharut does its job simply by destroying any device that creates a dangerous breach or killing any creature determined enough to mix or blend realities. It does not care about the reasons and does not listen to any excuses on why that is a good thing. However, it is possible to negotiate with a lhaksharut if a problem cannot be solved by smashing and killing violators.1

A lhaksharut can very rarely be convinced to let a planar link stay temporarily; in that case it will volunteer to guard the portal until it is shut down. These arrangements must include a detailed explanation on how a desired course of action will directly lead to the lhaksharut's goal.1

A lhaksharut only agrees to assist in a task not related to its primary function against the most overwhelmingly powerful foe, and then only to win allies to help it succeed it a task it previously failed, and even then the lhaksharut will likely insist its mission be accomplished first. A lhaksharut is incapable of betraying its promises, but it is aware that not all creatures are so bound and will demand guarantees that its allies will keep their end of the bargain if the lhaksharut needs to put their goals first.1

A lhaksharut sees groups as imperfect machines, and knows that the best way to overcome them is to disrupt their smooth functioning. In battle, it will prefer to target healers, scouts and shieldbearers first, and cannot be taunted. It does not care about self-preservation, aware that a replacement will emerge from Axis if it is destroyed.1


Aware that their domains are too large, some lhaksharuts build networks of informants who can patrol the planes and alert it of any apparent breaches. They have no need of treasure and sometimes pay for tips that might lead to a planar infraction.1

When not threatened, a lhaksharut can be a surprisingly good conversationalist. Useful informants are respected and may be able to learn from the lhaksharut's vast knowledge on planes, as long as questions do not concern combining two planes.1


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