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A leukodaemon.

Leukodaemons (pronounced LOO-koh-day-mon)1, or pestilence daemons, are the deacons of disease, emissaries of Apollyon, the Horseman of Pestilence. Native to Abaddon, they come to Golarion to scour the lands, spreading disease, and claiming souls in the name of their master.2


Leukodaemons are roughly humanoid in form, and stand approximately 14 feet tall. Numerous features betray their otherworldly origins, such as hoofed feet, filthy black wings, and a bleached skull where one would expect the head to be. Servants of disease and decay, a leukodaemon's flesh appears tattered and infested by both sickness and parasites; swarms of flies follow the creature constantly.23


Though capable of quickly devastating entire regions with the plagues they carry, leukodaemons find a perverse enjoyment in watching the sick suffer; the deacons of disease prefer to let a contagion grow and spread on its own, as they watch from the shadows. When not carrying out the will of their master, leukodaemons can be found inhabiting the Plaguemere, a swamp surrounding the Throne of Flies, the seat of power of the Horseman of Pestilence.2


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