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Lesser death

Lesser deaths are the weaker cousins of grim reapers, undead predators of souls that originate in Abaddon.12


A lesser death appears as a robed skeletal figure with a massive, curved scythe. It stands approximately six and a half feet tall and weighs about 40 pounds. Despite this similarity to their stronger cousins, it is claimed that it is impossible to mistake one for the other, as lesser deaths lack the hopeless gravity of grim reapers.1


It is whispered that lesser deaths were transformed from the victims of the first grim reaper. Lesser deaths wander the planes and choose their prey in a seemingly capricious manner. Some claim that they serve the whims of a hidden force, while according to others they select victims according to a logic unfathomable to everyone else. They have a haunting raspy voice which they only use rarely to mock those who would defy them, and lack the grim reapers' ability to prevent their victims from being resurrected.1


Unlike true grim reapers, lesser deaths are willing to work with others and often do so when hunting a particularly powerful foe, riding on albino cauchemars.1


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