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Lazurite is a magical ore that can generally only be found in the Darklands realm of Sekamina. It is said to either be the body of a dead god, or a decayed radioactive mineral which no longer exists in its original form.1


In its natural state, lazurite appears as a thin, black crust within the white rock known as marrowstone. It gives off a strange necromantic radiation, and any corpses left within a few paces may spontaneously rise as ghouls or ghasts—in some cases retaining the knowledge and skills they possessed in life.1 Ghouls are attracted to lazurite, as its radiation helps them resist positive energy.2

Even though most natural deposits of lazurite is found in Sekamina, a large strain of it is known to exist in the haunted dwarven Zolurket Mines in Katapesh's Barrier Wall mountains.3

Magical uses

Lazurite can be used to craft necromantic magical items or traps. Devotees of the Whispering Way have been known to construct items made of lazurite to help their followers achieve undeath.4

Elementals and constructs

Ghoul spellcasters have learned how to summon earth elementals near large deposits of lazurite, creating powerful allies that give off necromantic magic and bolster nearby undead.5 Similarly, the ghouls of Nemret Noktoria have learned how to construct marrowstone golems carved from lazurite. Their magic not only strengthens nearby undead, but anyone slain by such a golem rises as a free-willed ghould within 24 hours.6


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