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(extraplanar, herald, lawful)
Any land (Axis)
Source: Inner Sea Gods, pg(s). 276

The Lawgiver is the herald of Abadar, a massive living construct of gold and steel. Even though it speaks several languages, it restricts any communication to measurements, numbers, and quotes from the Order of Numbers and the Manual of City-Building.12


The Lawgiver is believed to have once been a priest of Abadar by the name of Zorin. It is said the priest gave his life to defend his home city against an overwhelming force, and was granted a new existence to reward his sacrifice and dedication.3

The Lawgiver has appeared throughout history, usually in order to halt some threat to civilization. A golden statue believed to be Abadar's herald is recorded as appearing near the city of Chesed, where its presence diffused an impending slave revolt that would have rendered the city vulnerable to an imminent invasion. More recent sightings tell of the Lawgiver wandering remote locations, as if looking for something that has yet to be found.12


Standing fully 25 feet tall and weighing 30 tons, the Lawgiver appears as an imposing humanoid knight in ornate armor. The herald of Abadar is flawless in physical design, and appears as a statue as long as it remains unmoving. It carries with it an equally ornate hammer, the Gavel of Abadar, which appears too massive to be held.142

Alternate appearance

The Lawgiver has been known to manifest a pair of functional golden wings. In addition, the construct can appear in the form of a golden eagle bearing either one or two heads.12


Carrying the Gavel of Abadar into battle and possessing supernatural senses, the Lawgiver is an imposing being based on physical ability alone.42 Due to certain metals and magics that compose the construct's body, the Lawgiver is effectively immune to various forms of damage, and highly resistant to certain magics.12


The Lawgiver is incredibly dedicated to Abadar, and is righteous and relentless in pursuit of his enemies.2 It appears where its master directs, be it to battle Abadar's enemies or to aide the deity's faithful. It has no need for worldly nourishment and displays supernatural regenerative capabilities; in instances where Abadar's faithful have removed part of the herald's gold body to supplement temple finances, any damage is repaired when the Lawgiver is next seen.1

Lawgiver somehow manages to be in at least four places at the same time. It simultaneously stands guard at each of the four gates to Abadar's domain of Aktun on the plane of Axis, but is also able to undertake missions on other planes without apparently leaving any of the gates unguarded.5 It is unclear whether this is due to some form of divine replication or has been achieved through cooperation with the axiomite Godmind.6