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Human (Russian) dullahan
AD 1918 (age 44)
Source: Rasputin Must Die!, pg(s). 58

Lavrenti is a former Cossack soldier turned headless dullahan who serves Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin.1


Lavrenti was born in Siberia, Russia among the Cossacks, a proud people who served their nation as elite cavalry escorts and border guards. He served in this role, reaching the rank of polkovnik at the age of 40, when the Great War broke out. He distinguished himself in the Brusilov Offensive, during which he earned great honours, despite a leg injury received from an artillery shell. Returning to Petrograd, he and his men were rewarded by being assigned to Tsar Nicholas II's household guard. In this role, he grew close to the Tsar's wife and children, who in turn relied on his loyalty.1

During the February Revolution, many Cossacks disavowed their vows of service to the tsar and joined the ranks of the disillusioned revolutionaries, who forced Nicholas to abdicate. With the house arrest of the former royal family, Lavrenti returned to his homeland in Siberia with a few loyal cousins, shamed by the treachery of the Cossacks. He was eventually contacted by Grigori Rasputin, who offered him and his people another chance to serve the tsar again. Lavrenti's Cossacks broke into the Akuvskaya Prison Camp and freed the loyalists within to further Rasputin's plans.1

However, Lavrenti was broken again by the news of the execution of the Romanovs and the horrors summoned by Rasputin through his technological manipulations and breaches into the First World. Blaming the Cossack treachery for the deaths of the Romanovs, and not wanting his men to live in a world where loyalty is so cheap, Lavrenti beheaded them, then finally slit his own throat. Under the fell influence of the Thrice-Tenth Kingdom, the Cossacks rose from death as undead dullahans, firmly locked to Rasputin's will.1


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