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Abyssal larvae
Type Outsider
CR 1
Environment Abyss

Source: The Midnight Isles, pg(s). 69
See also: Soul and petitioner

Larvae, sometimes denoted more specifically as Abyssal larvae or as soul larvae, are the hideous petitioners of the Abyss. A larva is a pale, maggot-like creature about 1–3 feet in length, whose facial features are similar to those of the living being it once was. They bite anything that bothers them. Larvae that spend long enough eating the filth of the Abyss transform into demons. They are hunted, however, as larvae may be used in vile magic or eaten as a tasty morsel; fiends and night hags value larvae enough that a form of currency has evolved where larvae are used in transactions and barter.[1][2][3]

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