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Lamia matriarch

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Lamia matriarch

Leaders of the lamyros race when harridans are not around, the lamia matriarchs constantly plot and scheme. Like all lamyros, they are creatures of vice and indulgence, cursed by the god Pharasma in ancient times.


From the waist up, a lamia matriarch appears to be a beautiful human woman whose form seems more suited to the harem than the battlefield. Her curvaceous form continues below her torso in a most horrifying way. Below the waist, her body tapers into a snake's tail, several times the length of her torso and covered completely in snake scales. The touch of a lamia can drain the wisdom of the person touched. The lamia relate this as them stealing the person's future.12

Habitat and ecology

Lamia matriarchs tend to reside wherever other lamyros can be found; normally away from civilization amongst the beasts and monsters. Lamia matriarchs also possess the ability to take an alternate human form, which allows them to slip unnoticed into normal society. They use this ability to indulge their lust for carnal pursuits. Lamia are creatures of sinful decadence, who love nothing more than blood-thirsty entertainment, gory feasts, and decadent, violent trysts with creatures all too often not of their own species.12 Lamia matriarchs are leaders in lamia communities. Either a matriarch or a powerful warrior will normally lead cults that the lamia form. The cults usually number anywhere from 3-6 lamia. These cults almost always have the goal of finding a way to undo the transformation that Pharasma punished them with.1. The lamia totally hate Pharasma for her curse (see history below) and normally worship Lamashtu.2


Lamia of Avalos was a sibyl and leader at the Shrine of the Fateless, one of the most respected oracles in the world. As devoted worshipers of Pharasma, they warned travelers of the good and bad that was just over the horizon. Unfortunately, they became avaricious and began to lie for money. When a beggar came to Lamia of Avalos and paid for a reading about her future, Lamia had a real vision. Instead of reciting this vision, Lamia told the beggar to travel to the deadly Lands of the Horned Serpent. As she finished the beggar melted away and there stood Pharasma. The goddess cursed the temple, turning all of the oracles there into half-human half-animal for their lies in her name.2


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