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Large city
Source: Cheliax, The Infernal Empire, pg(s). 26

The Chelish city of Laekastel is located on northern shores of the Inner Sea, where the Brastle River flows into the Bay of Deng.123


The city is situated on Upland, a tall bluff that overlooks the river and bay, and its waterfront consists of a small strip at the bluff's base with docks for traders (particularly those who avoid Ostenso), Chelish Navy ships, and pearl divers. Winding paths trod by rented mules connect this waterfront to the city.34

A stone and iron gate on the city's north side regulates (and is used by tax collectors to indiscriminately tax) traffic between the Brastle River and the Bay of Deng.3


Laekastel is home to more dwarves than any other city in Cheliax.3


Laekastel is an industrial city known for its highly esteemed dwarven crafts, something visibly evident by the sooty clouds and soot-stained roofs. These goods, along with tools and slaves, are traded to Sirmium Plains farmers for their agricultural products.3

The Sirmium Throughway connects Laekastel to the Whisperwood via Perdition Reach.5

Martial law

Laekastel was one of several cities in which Cheliax declared martial law due to the looming threat of the Glorious Reclamation, which was active in the Sirmium Plains.6


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