Kythes Finch

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Kythes Finch

Captain of the Token Guard
1E: Cavalier 7
2E: Fighter 7
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 20 (1E)
Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 332 (2E)

Lady Kythes Finch is the captain of the Token Guard in the Coins district of the city of Absalom, and also the owner of the Saucy Wench mead hall.23

Token Guard

Lady Kythes captains the Token Guard from the Bail House, their headquarters in The Coins. Under Lady Kythes' watch, the Token Guard takes a lax attitude toward crime unless someone important is the victim,4 and often resorts to fining suspected offenders instead of investigating crimes.5 Lady Kythes worries that she and the Token Guard would lose a major source of income in bail payments should the wealthy families of the Coins turn against the guard.4

The Saucy Wench

Lady Kythes spends much of her off-duty time tending to her "infamous" drinking and entertainment establishment, the Saucy Wench. Located at the east end of the Grand Bazaar, the Saucy Wench is a popular place and has a reputation for being one of the less sketchy establishments thanks to the constant presence of Finch's Token Guard members who frequent the drinking hall.6

Given the relative safety of the Wench, it is attractive to the wealthy and noble of The Coins who want to experience a bit of the lives of the poor folks of the district. This, of course, attracts sticky fingers, and these visitors find themselves the target of petty pickpockets and scammers. The Coins' more established and professional criminals avoid the Wench.6


As of 4721 AR Lady Kythes is romantically involved with Lord Riodos Morilla, who heads the Guild of Spears mercenary group. Together they hope their combined influence can bring more stability to the Coins and more coins to their own pockets.2


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