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High Grandmaster
Source: Last Watch, pg(s). 75

Kothas is the founder and primary leader of the Seal-Breakers, a nihilistic sect who seeks to unmake reality itself.1


Kothas once served as an advisor to the wizard-king Geb, ruler of the nation named after himself. After Geb committed suicide but before he rose from the dead as a ghost, Kothas fled his master, taking with him the Key of Geb, a text that promised great power that would allow one to break the walls of reality.1

Kothas eventually came into the service of another wizard-king, Tar-Baphon, and shared with him the secrets of the Key of Geb, which he saw as a way to attain divinity and rule over reality. After Aroden defeated his master, Kothas went into hiding with the Key of Geb.1

In 3203 AR, as Tar-Baphon returned as a lich known as the Whispering Tyrant and sought out the Key of Geb, Kothas came back to his master, seeing in him the means of destroying the world as prophesied in the ancient scroll.1

In 3827 AR, when Kothas was away from his master on some mysterious errand, the Tyrant was defeated and imprisoned within his fortress Gallowspire. Kothas lost access to the Key of Geb, which was inside Gallowspire's vaults at the time. He quickly understood the nature of the seals protecting Gallowspire, and founded the Seal-Breakers, in order to provide an organised approach to freeing Tar-Baphon and recovering the Key of Geb. He established an iron-fisted, militaristic wing within the Seal-Breakers, to prevent it from degenerating into just another aimless apocalypse cult, and built its headquarters, the House of the Key, in a prehistoric Kellid catacomb located in the shadow of the Cenotaph.1

Kothas' next goal, after having freed Tar-Baphon and recovered the Key of Geb, is to continue breaking the walls of reality that hold back its true, chaotic nature. These include the resurgence of the Worldwound and the invocation of Great Old Ones, before the seals of the Dead Vault could be broken, freeing Rovagug, and leading to the destruction of the Material Plane.1


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