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A kolyarut inevitable.

The kolyarut1 species of inevitable enforces oaths without regard to the agreement's contents.2


The Maker, a kolyarut.

Of the many types of inevitable, kolyaruts are the least conspicuous among the mortals of the Material Plane. While massive in weight, they are otherwise the size of a tall humanoid and disguise themselves in cloaks or with magic. When a kolyarut is hooded, most unsuspecting people believe the metallic noises of its movement come from hidden armor instead of supernatural mechanics—an assumption quickly proven wrong if the inevitable bares its metallic face.2


Kolyaruts are broadly knowledgeable and the most social inevitables. Through skill and spell, inevitables specialize in gathering information and issuing challenges against their quarry.2


Like most inevitables, kolyaruts are solitary. They have no qualms against followers who can aid them in their tasks, but form no lasting attachments either.2 They can be summoned by particularly capable spellcasters,3 including divine spellcasters faithful to Abadar.45

Kolyaruts might join hykariut inevitables to help mitigate a burgeoning rebellion.6

On Golarion

Kolyaruts are among the inevitables and axiomites dispatched to investigate the Emerald Spire.7

Axiomites in the Crystal Palace of Xin forged kolyaruts to serve ancient Thassilon.8

In the Great Beyond

Kolyaruts are most commonly found in Axis, where inevitables are created in the Adamantine Crucible.9 They work for the Axion Forge organization in Axis,10 and also patrol the neutral settlement of Zjarra on the Plane of Fire even though its axiomite founders have long since left it.1112

Known kolyaruts


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