Khurram abol Ghasem

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Khurram abol Ghasem
Titles Shahzada
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Marid
Class Ranger 6
Gender Male
Homeland Kho, Mwangi Expanse
Deity Gozreh

Source: Lost Cities of Golarion, pg(s). 17

Khurram abol Ghasem is a noble marid, shahzada, and patriarch of a marid clan that migrated to the ruins of Kho after the city's fall. The clan moved through the damaged seals of the planar portals that had been used to endlessly supply Kho's Cistern Major with fresh water. The vast cistern is still almost intact in the ruins of the city, and its waters empty through countless cracked reservoirs and fractured aqueducts, forming the headwaters of the Uomoto River.

Khurram is the self-proclaimed ruler of Kho, and the arrogant marids claim the cistern and the river that flows through and out of the valley as their own and tend it as a great palace and garden, shaped by their power of illusion. The shahzada and his court—his wife Zahra, daughter Shireesha, and his son-in-law Juqua, as well as his personal priest Kaila and more than a dozen of their cousins who come and go to the Plane of Water—claim all of Kho, but in reality their rule stretches only as far as Iouri's Cascade, where the waters of the Cistern Major pour into the Lower City.[1]