Kelda Halrig

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Kelda Halrig

Chief Councillor of the Court of Regents
Source: Fires of the Haunted City, pg(s). 86–87

Kelda Halrig is the Forgemaster of the Anvillers' Guild and Speaker of Kovlar's Court of Regents.1


Kelda is a dwarven woman with a stocky and muscular physique befitting a master smith. Her now-graying auburn hair complements her freckled skin and brown eyes. She is typically seen with her hair tied up in a pair of long, looped braids that are held in place using finely-crafted metal clasps. Her work attire consists of a sleeveless shirt and a leather blacksmith's apron fastened with ornate iron buckles. She often carries her simple, well-used blacksmith's hammer.1


Born in Kovlar to her veteran officer mother and jeweler father, Kelda is the youngest of three children, with one brother and one sister. By the time she was born, her brother was already a member of the Guild of Arms like their mother, while her sister was an herbalist of the Physic Guild. She was a prodigy at the forge, but joined the Guild of Arms when she came of age out of a desire to travel. Her mother, however, used her influence to have Kelda assigned to a post within Kovlar in the hopes of protecting her. While Kelda accepted and served for several decades, her mother's betrayal eventually led to Kelda's resignation from the guild.1

After resigning, Kelda set out for Highhelm, where she took an apprenticeship at a local smithy. When her apprenticeship was complete, she worked under a number of other smiths, all the while studying stonemasonry, tailoring, and a variety of other trades to both sate her curiosity and refine her smithing abilities. She often returned home over the years and eventually reconciled with her mother.1

After acquiring all the knowledge she needed to commit herself to smithing, she returned to Kovlar for good, applying to the Anvillers' Guild. Her unconventional path to the trade meant her initial reception in the guild was coarse, but the quality of her smithing soon won over her guildmates. Over time, Kelda became a respected mentor and, when her work surpassed that of the previous title holder, she was elected the new Forgemaster of the Anvillers' Guild, a position she has held ever since.1

As Forgemaster, she has become influential in Kovlar's politics, and even started a program for the city's youths to allow them to train in a variety of trades before having to select their favorite.1


  • An unnamed mother who was an officer of the Guild of Arms whose duties included patrolling the roads of the Five Kings Mountains.
  • An unnamed father who was a jeweler in the Guild of Finery.
  • An unnamed brother who was a member of the Guild of Arms in the peacekeeping division within the city's walls.
  • An unnamed sister who was an herbalist of the Physic Guild.1


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