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Kashang is a forbidden, ancient ruin of the long extinct Valashmaians that is located in the Chenlun Mountains' eastern foothills, in the depths of the deadly Valashmai Jungle. Shrouded by the surrounding jungle, Kashang is made up of a series of many-stepped temples that sit in utter silence, not a single beast from the surrounding jungles dares intrude on Kashang's unholy quiet. Kashang's buildings are made from dark stone that is eerily clammy to the touch. Whatever horrors the ancient Valashmaians summoned to aid their long-gone empire lurks here still, waiting for any foolish explorers to upset the delicate magic of the ancient rituals that bind them to the ruins. However the lore and secrets that lurk within are enough to still draw reckless knowledge seekers to the ruins. Those who do seek the foreboding ruins risk paying a truly terrible price for the forbidden knowledge hidden within silent Kashang.12


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