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Machine Mage
Formerly human
Source: Dungeons of Golarion, pg(s). 45

Karamoss, also known as the Machine Mage, was a Numerian wizard who was obsessed with the strange robots, clockwork constructs, and other technological treasures found in that savage land. He thought he could rebuild life in the form of machinery, and thereby defeat disease, hunger, and aging once and for all.1


Karamoss theorized that organic life was inferior to mechanical life and, in 3596 AR, began a 10-year preparation to explore Numeria's legendary Silver Mount. He entered alone into the fallen spaceship in 3606 AR,1 and disappeared for three decades. When Karamoss reappeared, he was no longer entirely human, and his quest had transformed into a hunger for conquest.2 From the knowledge he gained within Silver Mount, he came to the conclusion that the Starstone at the heart of the city of Absalom, was not just a chance at achieving divinity, but rather it was an unlimited source of power for a new race of mechanical beings he would create.3

He besieged Absalom in 3637 AR to take control of the Starstone, and constructed a huge metal citadel known as the Red Redoubt in a single night. The tower rose from the rocky ground like a red metallic growth. Within hours, hordes of hobgoblins emerged from it and laid siege to the city. The city repulsed the attack for three weeks, but then the gates opened again and disgorged legions of metal warriors equipped with deadly weapons and guided by malign intelligence. They continued besieging Absalom for an additional two years.3

The city was saved when the Druids of the Shaded repulsed the metal men with powerful magic and brought Absalom's army to the walls of Red Redoubt. In the slaughter that followed, the upper floors of the citadel were destroyed along with thousands of his automatons, but the mysterious wizard-artificer was never found.4

Mechanical creations

Karamoss created countless robots, clockworks, and other mechanical creations during his lifetime. Unlike the robots found in Numeria today that are powered with technologies found only within and around Silver Mount, Karamoss found a workaround using magic.5 One of the most famous of these was the Red Terror, who is still believed to guard a section of tunnels within the Red Redoubt to this day.6


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