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(air, kami, native)
Temperate skies, hills, and mountains
Source: Forest of Spirits, pg(s). 86

Kaminaris, or thunder kami,1 are a type of kami who watch over storm clouds and the balance of weather.2


Kaminaris have vibrant skin and features; the specific hues vary from kaminari to kaminari. More monstrous-looking and boisterous than most kami, kaminaris are often mistaken for oni upon first glance. A kaminari stands roughly 25 feet tall and weighs about ten tons. Kaminaris surround themselves with booming noises and are rarely seen without their favourite musical instrument, most often a percussion one.2


Kaminaris care little for most mortals, primarily concerning themselves with the maintenance and protection of their wards. A kaminari commands powers of lightning and thunder, but only has a limited ability to control the movement of its ward, and is often merely a passenger upon storm clouds. A storm with a kaminari is more permanent than most weather patterns, and could exist for a potentially infinite amount of time if neither it nor the kaminari is corrupted or destroyed.2

Kaminaris despise magical weather manipulation, and attempts to disrupt their wards often result in their unabashed wrath. Though not evil, kaminaris are more short-tempered, destructive, and less tolerant of nuisances compared to other kami, and are quick to exterminate anything deemed a threat to the natural balance of weather, whether that threat be an evil spellcaster seeking to destroy a city or a benevolent wizard summoning rain to end a long drought.2


Due to their habitat, kaminaris are isolated, reclusive, and never actively interfere with mortals except when required by the Laws of Golden Perfection. Once a kaminari has fulfilled its required duty, it is only too happy to leave.2

Kaminaris are devoted to music; the intensity of a kaminari's storm usually corresponds to the aggression with which it plays its instrument. Kaminaris are often among the best players of their instruments, rivalling the most talented bards. They have a great affection for bards who practise an instrument, and will occasionally interrupt their guardianship to accompany a fellow virtuoso.2

A kaminari's choice of instrument is usually a fair indicator of its temperament as well as its kind of ward: those who play keyboards are usually found amid storms that wander deserts; players of string instruments live in oceanic hurricanes; and kaminaris who use wind instruments occupy blizzards.2


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