Kaltessa Iyis

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Kaltessa Iyis
Aliases Widow Queen, High Priestess of Mammon
Titles Lady
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human (Chelaxian)
Class Cleric 10 / Diabolist 10
Gender Female
Homeland Isger
Deity Mammon

Source: The Twice-Damned Prince, pg(s). 66-67

Lady Kaltessa Iyis is the centuries-old high priestess of the archdevil Mammon in the Inner Sea region. She resides in the Iron Rose, a palace in Menador Mountains of northeastern Isger.[1][2][3]


Even though she is hundreds of years old, Iyis appears as a young, Chelaxian woman due to an infernal pact she made with Mammon. She is never seen without her barbed devil, velstrac, and imp servants, and is known to be pursuing several long-term plans for the region inspired by her infernal master.[3]


Lady Iyis is said to be taking advantage of the lack of a strong Isgeri military presence in the country's hinterlands following the Goblinblood Wars, and creating an army of undead. She is also rumored to have taken magical control over much of the nation's leaders.[4]


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