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A kaiju.

Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 166-167

Kaiju1 are semi-intelligent magical beasts of enormous size and among the largest creatures on Golarion.2 They alternate between deep hibernation and awakening, the latter of which can be apocalyptic for entire civilisations, especially when the kaiju's attack is intentional.3


Each kaiju is different, but all are massive, with bipedal kaiju standing between 100 and 200 feet in height and quadrupeds standing half as tall. Some are winged and capable of flight, others are aquatic and resemble colossal versions of sea creatures, and still others walk the earth or burrow beneath it.2


While each kaiju has unique abilities, many share common traits, such as destructive breath. While capable of understanding language, they cannot speak.2


The origins of kaiju are varied and often mysterious. Some are created by powerful beings, others incubate in blasted realms, and yet others are speculated to have been born alongside Golarion itself. Many are worshipped as gods or feared as bringers of destruction.3

Kaiju share a common tendency to lair in extreme climates, far from population centres. They sometimes live near one another, and can battle for territory for up to days at once. Such fights usually end when the loser surrenders, and rarely result in death; instead, defeated kaiju retreat to lick their wounds.3

Kaiju feed on energy, each in a different way and on a different form of energy, though they can hibernate indefinitely when deprived of it and do not starve. Individual smaller creatures do not disturb it, but settlements and nations unaware of slumbering kaiju sometimes expand into their territory and rouse them with their activity. Powerful weather events, magical rituals, and wars can awaken a hibernating kaiju and inspire a destructive rampage that can stretch across thousands of miles until the irritation's source is silenced.2

Some people, called kaiju callers, understand that a kaiju's motivation and weakness are often one and the same, and know how to exploit this fact to predict a kaiju's awakening, direct its movement, or even to control the kaiju itself.3

On Golarion

Kaiju are known to roam the Valashmai Jungle of Tian Xia.456

Known examples

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