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Source: Into the Nightmare Rift, pg(s). 68

Kadath is the impossible castle-city situated atop the highest mountain in the extreme north of Leng.1


Those who approach Kadath and look upon it often glimpse of the horrors within, sometimes going insane. Kadath sits on the entire summit of a black stone mountain, dozens of miles high, too high for a natural geographical feature. No known path leads to Kadath, making it unreachable without flight. Kadath is several miles high, built entirely from onyx, and seemingly grown from the surrounding precipices. The passages in the city range from goblin-sized warrens to cyclopean doorways.1

A few people who reached Kadath report that behind it, Leng extends down between hedging mountain walls to a gray coastline in multiple directions. No one has journeyed down there to see this part of Leng, and the implications of such a thing are unknown.1


Kadath is home to the strange deities of the Dreamlands, whose worshippers never dare approach Kadath to directly bring them obeisance. Those who do inevitably run into Nyarlathotep, their guardian and caretaker, and doorway to Azathoth; very few have met Nyarlathotep and returned to tell of it.1


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