Jundlan Wrecks

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The pirate lords of Issia (now part of Brevoy) once engaged one another in a massive naval battle on the Lake of Mists and Veils. During the battle, the fleets were caught up in a massive storm and wrecked off the coast of Brevoy in Jellicoe Bay. The wreckage remains there to this day, and is known as the Jundlan Wrecks.1 Presumably a considerable amount of pirate treasure can be found amongst the frost-covered tangle of wrecked ships and ancient, waterlogged corpses. However, numerous unfriendly fey now live amongst the destruction, building altars and structures made from the dead pirates' treasure. On moonless nights, ghostly bells can be heard tolling here at midnight, and gangplanks made of bone extend from the shipwrecks, inviting all to come on board.23


  1. N.B.: The Jundlan Wrecks were known as the Jutland Wrecks before the publication of the Lost Omens World Guide. For further discussion of this, see Talk:Jundlan Wrecks.
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