Jistka's Hope

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Jistka's Hope was the name of a single massive chest containing the most precious relics of ancient Jistka Imperium. When the armies of Ancient Osirion and the Tekritanin League swarmed into the Jistka Imperium, the Jistkan leaders decided to hide their most precious relics in Yemal, the southernmost settlement of the Imperium. A small team of priest-artificers and high magistrates was assigned the task to accompany the Jistka's Hope to Yemal. The team was ambushed just in front of the heavily fortified tomb where they had to place Jistka's Hope. But when the marauders followed the Jistkan team into the tomb, the tomb's brass door closed on all of them and none escaped alive. The fleeing citizens of Yemal could only hear the victims' unholy screams as dire magic consumed them all. Though the town of Yemal was razed to the ground like the rest of Jistka, the tomb of Jistka's Hope yet remained, unscathed by the destruction, hiding untold treasures of ancient Jistka.1