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Jeweled Sages

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Jeweled Sages

Historic preservation
Source: Salvation of the Sages, pg(s). 3–4
Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage.

The order of the Jeweled Sages is devoted to seeking the sage jewels, a set of artifacts tied to the order's origins in ancient Osirion.1


The Jeweled Sages originally formed around -3000 AR to compile the nation's history and catalogue its treasures near the end of its first golden age. It persisted through millennia until scattering within a year of the Keleshite invasion in 1532 AR.1

Thousands of years later in the 48th century AR, Amenopheus acquired the sapphire sage stone and took on the title of Sapphire Sage. He resurrected the order and recruited new sages while pursuing and acquiring further sage jewels.1


The Ruby Sage.

Known members of the Jeweled Sages include:

There have been other Jeweled Sages in history as well, such as the Ruby Sage, and sage jewels that have changed hands repeatedly over the millennia.4

The emerald sage jewel is rumored to be in the possession of Grandmaster Torch, though it is unknown if he is considered a member of the Jeweled Sages.5


The ancient order of Jeweled Sages once used the underground Sanctum of the Sages as their headquarters.26


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