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Shipwrecked near Smuggler's Shiv, 4710 AR
Source: Souls for Smuggler's Shiv, pg(s). 7

The Jenivere was a Wyvern-class Sargavan merchant vessel that plied the waters of the Arcadian Ocean, making the 100 day, 3,400 mile-long run between its home port of Eleder and the Varisian city of Magnimar. Resupply and trading stops along the way included the cities of Senghor, Bloodcove (Mwangi Expanse), Port Peril, Quent, Ollo (The Shackles), Ilizmagorti (Mediogalti Island), Corentyn, Pezzack, Kintargo (Cheliax), and Magnimar.1

Fate of the Jenivere

In 4710 AR, the Jenivere was wrecked off the northern shore of Smuggler's Shiv (a small island in Sargava's Desperation Bay) by her captain, Alizandru Kovack, who was under the magical control of the serpentfolk cleric Yarzoth. The ship split in half and her crew (with the exception of the captain and her first mate, Alton Devers) were drowned in the wreck. Because they were on the upper deck, the ship's passengers survived and washed ashore on Smuggler's Shiv.1


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