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Isirah Tana

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Isirah Tana (AI)

Source: Wardens of Sulfur Gulch, pg(s). 12
Isirah Tana (aggregate haunt)

(air, elemental)
Source: Wardens of Sulfur Gulch, pg(s). 22

Isirah Tana is a crew member of the Divinity whose soul was fractured between an artificial intelligence (AI) and a haunt after the Rain of Stars.1


Isirah Tana originally served as an explorer on newly discovered planets. When the Divinity was about to crash into Golarion, Isirah Tana attempted to upload her mind into a compact AI core. However, the ship crashed and she died before the upload was completed. Half of her survived as an AI in the compact AI core, but the other half became a powerful haunt ruling over the computers in the crash site, which became known as Sulfur Gulch after the various toxic gases that it manufactured.12

When the Pathfinder Gojan the Sharp discovered Sulfur Gulch, he summoned an air elemental to clear the toxins, and Isirah's haunt, who kept the ability to activate Sulfur Gulch's surviving chemical facilities, discovered that she could fabricate an air elemental body to explore the world outside. To this end, she sent robots to capture Gojan and interrogate him about the secrets of elemental summoning, but he managed to escape. Meanwhile, Isirah's AI core has been in power-saving mode for millennia, except when repairing her memory.12