Iron cobra

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Iron cobra

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 182

Iron cobras are metallic constructs built in the shape of a hooded cobra. They are relatively simple and easy for artificers to create. Iron cobras are most often created as bodyguards, guardians, or assassins. An iron cobra is the size of a living cobra, but its constituent materials weigh about 100 pounds.1


An iron cobra can inject poison through its fangs, though its poison reservoir must be manually refilled by its creator. Some iron cobras may have their poison reservoir filled with more exotic substances instead, such as acid or magic potions.1

The iron cobra can magically locate and track any creature within one mile that its master can identify. This ability makes iron cobras useful as assassins.1

On Golarion

Iron cobras are favored tools of the archdevil Mammon, both in his realm of Erebus and among his cultists on the Material Plane. Mammon's iron cobras may be of enormous size.2

Iron cobras can be summoned by priests of the war god Gorum.3


Spellcasters can create other, similar types of constructs using materials other than iron. Some of the most common variants of the iron cobra include:1

Adamantine cobra
This construct is made from the rare skymetal adamantine. Adamantine cobras are more solidly built than iron cobras; they are more heavily armored and shrug off damage more easily.1
Bone cobra
This less durable variant of the iron cobra is made from bone, and its internal reservoirs are filled with an entangling slurry instead of poison.4
Darkwood cobra
Made from darkwood, these constructs are lighter than iron cobras, making them better at climbing and swimming.1
Iron cobra gauntlet
This magic item can transform from a metal glove into an iron cobra at the wearer's command, allowing an individual to carry an iron cobra surreptitiously.5
Mechanical viper
These robots are made using advanced technology rather than magic, but have the same abilities as iron cobras. They were invented by the Machine Mage Karamoss.6
Mithral cobra
The mithral cobra, made from a rare silvery metal, is exceptionally fast and nimble.1


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