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Source: War of the River Kings, pg(s). 84–85

Irlgaunts1 are carnivorous aberrations that cross the features of an arachnid and a cephalopod.23


Irlgaunts are covered in an exoskeleton resembling stone. The flesh exposed between the segments of their armor is a bright, angry red. They move on eight limbs that split into muscular pink tendrils at the "foot," which allow them to grip and scale nearly sheer surfaces. Their mouths are wide, filled with needle-like teeth and surrounded by beady red eyes. Above this mouth is a secondary orifice from which they fire their gastroliths.2

Habitat & Society


Irlgaunts do not value treasure except as bait for sapient creatures, and will typically only keep magical or particularly valuable items. For this reason, wealthy travelers can barter for safe passage by offering items they can use to lure in future victims.2


Irlgaunts are not typically inclined to religion. Those spiritually inclined often choose to follow Rovagug, sometimes even becoming priests or gathering familial cults. These worshipers take a personal interest in freeing their deific master, delving deep into the Darklands to carve out new chasms emblazoned with profane images and symbols. The irlgaunts' fanatical hope is these cracks will weaken the world enough to aid Rovagug in breaking free, but most care more about the symbolism of their actions than whether or not they can actually succeed.2


  1. The initial concept for the irlgaunt was "cunning spiders with artillery." Ed Greenwood, in his Bestiary article (War of the River Kings 85) stated that irlgaunts were meant to be a rare but interesting sort of creature in games.
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