Iobarian (human ethnicity)

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An Iobarian woman.

The Iobarian peoples are a human ethnicity originating from northwestern Casmaron and northeastern Avistan, specifically the nations of Brevoy, Mendev, and the ruins of Iobaria. Descended from Ulfen explorers, Iobarians are seen by many in Avistan and Garund as humans from Casmaron who are neither Keleshite nor Casmar. Those who claim to be "true Iobarians" are typically those who follow the fractious leaders of Iobaria's ruined cities and believe in a still-unified realm.[1] Others, perhaps up to eighty percent of Iobaria's population, instead live in small hamlets and claim no allegiance beyond their blood, tending towards isolation out of fear of resurgent plagues, a spirit of independence, and a desire not to swear allegiance to unworthy nobles.[2]

Iobarians share their lands with many monstrous creatures, and use two terms found in no other language to classify other beings: "kodlak" and "kodlok". Kodlak refers to humanoids who assume animal forms, like lycanthropes, while kodlok is used to describe creatures with innate animal traits, like centaurs and harpies. Only Iobarian humans make this distinction, and being a kodlak or kodlock could be a path to power or a death sentence, depending on the location and faith of the Iobarian.


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