Inhabitants of Katapesh

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A Katapeshi swordfighter.

The inhabitants of Katapesh are a diverse lot, dominated by Keleshite humans but intermixed with traders from across Golarion.


The most common human ethnicities in Katapesh are Garundi, Keleshites, and Vudrani. In large cities like the city of Katapesh, Solku, and Okeno, the hodgepodge of cultures is constant but also always changing, as traders leave and new ones arrive.[1] However, Katapesh's desert natives—the Badawi—are nearly all Keleshites.[2]


Dwarves came to Katapesh centuries ago to mine the rich ores beneath the Barrier Wall mountains. Many dwarven settlements, whether abandoned or still occupied, are located on the mountains.[1]


Halflings have a long history in Katapesh. They were tied to ancient Osirian families for generations as indentured servants, and when the families they served collapsed, the halfling slaves migrated south and settled in Katapesh. Today, local halflings command good wages as hired servants to traders and merchants.[3]

A Katapeshi half-orc.


Most of the gnomes in present-day Katapesh live in the city of Katapesh. The Finderplain has also stood for 300 years as a waypoint for gnomes traveling south of the Inner Sea.[1]

Elves and half-elves

Elves do not have a notable presence in Katapesh, but half-elves seem drawn to the area.

Orcs and half-orcs

Half-orcs remain a small but constant presence in Katapesh. No orc tribes still live in the area, but in ancient times a race of desert-dwelling orcs made Katapesh their home. Their descendants form the bulk of the half-orc population.[1]


A gnoll tribal leader.

Gnolls are native to Katapesh and the nation's most recognized threat. Gnolls consider Katapesh their eternal birthplace, and attack settlements and raid caravans not only for the joy of the kill and the profit it brings but also out of fervent pride.

Hundreds of gnolls make their homes in the mountains, most notably White Canyon and Pale Mountain. Dozens of smaller gnoll encampments also dot the Barrier Wall mountains and Brazen Peaks, and bands of gnoll nomads roam the plains and deserts in search of prey.

Despite their ferocity, Katapeshi gnolls posses their own unique culture and occasionally enter cities peacefully. Gnoll slavers appear in Okeno and Katapesh with slaves for sale.[4]


Gnolls in Katapesh belong to one of five packs:[4]


Katapesh's many hidden treasures attract dragons, though no one knows the exact number of them in Katapesh. At least one has been spotted, a great red near the Barrier Wall mountains, and there are evidence of others in the form of clawed tracks, vague sightings, and large herds of animals that have vanished with only a few bones and some blood remaining. The vast mountain reaches and lonely empty deserts offer fine lairs for red, gold, blue, brass, and copper dragons. The few jungles and swamps also might hold a young green dragon. [5]