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In the Event of My Untimely Demise/Index

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This is an index of all the relevant terms from Robin D. Laws' Pathfinder Tales story In the Event of My Untimely Demise, published in serial fashion on the Paizo website (link).

Each entry is linked to a PathfinderWiki article about the subject. The number after the entry refers to the Chapter in which the term can be found; see the main page for In the Event of My Untimely Demise for a full list of its chapters.

Any comment in square brackets, [...], should be considered a temporary comment but provides particularly useful information for anyone who might create or amend a PathfinderWiki page about the subject. Please delete this data once it is subsumed within an article.



Acts and Legends of the Holy 4
Aitin: see Derexhi, Aitin Aioldo
Alabaster 1
Aroden 4
Arrus Derexhi: see Derexhi, Arrus
Arsenic 4
Aruhal [?rogue, deceased] 1–4
Arvensoar 4
Arvensoar Plaza 1
Avenue of Honors 1, 2


Bandu Emerald 1
Barrel Way 1
Bazaar of Sails 2
Belladonna 4
Boulevard of Messengers 1


Capital District 1
Chanda 3
Cheliax 4
Chelish: see Cheliax
Citadel of Xerkas Zaan 2
Citysong 1, 3, 4
Citywalker: see Cobblestone druid
Cleric 3, 4
Cobblestone druid 1
Corin the Bright 2
Crab spider 3
Curse 3


Death-goddess: see Pharasma
Demon 2
Demonsweald 2, 3, 4
Derexhi or Derexhi family: see House Derexhi
Derexhi, Aitin Aioldo 1
Derexhi, Arrus 1
Derexhi, Eibadon 1
Derexhi House: see Derexhi Villa
Derexhi, Iskola 1, 3
Derexhi, Luma 1–4
Derexhi, Ontor 1–4
Derexhi, Randred 1, 4
Derexhi, Ulisa 1
Derexhi Villa 1, 4
Dockway 1, 2, 3
Dwarf 1–4


Eibadon Derexhi: see Derexhi, Eibadon
Elf 1
Elven: see Elf'


Gaval 3, 4 [apothecary]
Ghoul 2
Giant 2
Golemworks 1


Hanspur 3, 4
Haunted Hills 2
Healing 4
Hippodrome: see Serpent's Run
House Derexhi 1, 2, 3
House Scarnetti 1
House Vetillus 1, 3
Human 1


Irespan 1
Iskola Derexhi: see Derexhi, Iskola


Jordgar 2
Jordyar 2–4 ['warrior of the First Stone, son of Jordgar, true inheritor of the axe of Skrellim']


Kaer Maga 4
Kingsleep, or King's sleep 4


Lord Derexhi: see House Derexhi
Lord Vetillus: see House Vetillus
Lovag 2, 4
Lowcleft 1
Luma Derexhi: see Derexhi, Luma


Magic 1–4
Magnimar 1–4
Marble District 1
Mind-eater 2


Naos 1
Naphrax 3, 4 [sorcerer]


Ontor Derexhi: see Derexhi, Ontor


Pediment Building 2
Pharasma 4
Poison 4


Rag's End 1, 3
Randred Derexhi: see Derexhi, Randred
Riddle Canals 2
Rieslan the Drowner 3, 4 [cleric of Hanspur]
River Kingdoms 3
Riverspire 1
Riverspire red wine 1


Scarnetti: see House Scarnetti
Seacleft 2
Seerspring Gardens 4
Seriza 1–4
Serpent's Run 4
The Shore 2
Skrellim 2
Snake 4
Sorcerer 3, 4
Specter 4
Spider 1
Streetseer: see Cobblestone druid
The Summit 2, 4
Summoned 4


Toxin: see Poison


Ulisa Derexhi: see Derexhi, Ulisa


Varisian 2
Venom: see Poison
Vetillus: see House Vetillus
Vista 4
Vitellus1: see House Vetillus


Warrior 1, 2
Way of Arches 1
Wizard 1, 3


  1. This seems to be no more than a spelling error, we assume, of Vetillus