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Militant Calistrian sect
Worship of Calistria, defense against Treerazer
Source: Inner Sea Temples, pg(s). 54-61
This article covers the militant sect of Calistrians. For their temple in Kyonin, see Imvrildara.

The ancient Calistrian order of the Imvrildarai, located in the southern Fierani Forest of Kyonin, is the goddess's most militant sect of worshipers. These followers of the Savored Sting have defended the forest against Treerazer and its demonic armies for thousands of years.1


The Imvrildarai's history dates back nearly 10 millennia, to the temple Imvrildara's completion in -5570 AR near what was at the time the center of Kyonin's larger borders. The order and temple are named for a Calistrian priest who authored and illustrated a record of the Savored Sting's role in the battle against Rovagug.1

The Imvrildarai's modern reputation as a sect of demon hunters, however, began in 2497 AR when Imvrildara took in refugees from Treerazer's destructive rampage. Among those refugees was the farmer Alendeil, who became a priest of Calistria, then later single-handedly defended the temple against Treerazer's nalfeshnee Echataxun through a miraculous act of Calistria that sealed the demon in stone.1

Nearly two centuries later in 2632 AR, the Imvrildarai led Golarion's elves returning from Castrovel against Treerazer with such success that the order relented and retreated to academic pursuits.1


The most recent High Priestess of Imvrildara is Delerenai Ashwalker, who succeeds the archivist Rekaereil Sandurei. Sandurei was killed and his body captured by cambions in 4714 AR.1


The temple's worshipers are divided into two groups exemplifying Calistria's values of revenge and deceit. Its Scions of Revenge is led by the ambitious Keshmarada, while its Scions of Deceit is led by Almeredei Songbreaker, a friend and ally of Sandurei. Each house occupies one of the temple's two standing towers, appropriately named the Tower of Revenge and the Tower of Deceit.1

A third group, the Scions of Lust, left the temple after a retriever of the glabrezu Mokravud destroyed the temple's Tower of Lust in 3732 AR.1

The temple's membership includes many types of Calistrians, including alchemists, bards, clerics, and antipaladins. Outsiders are largely judged by the opinion of them held by High Priestess Ashwalker.1


While showing its thousands of years of age through overgrowth and use, Imvrildara's persistence is also a testament of its durability. Trees spring through its stone floors near and between its three outer towers—the towers of Revenge and Deceit, which extend four floors skyward, and the ruined Tower of Lust. The fourth and largest central structure, of which only a single domed floor extends above ground, descends into three sub-basements.1


Paizo published an article about the Imvrildarai in Inner Sea Temples.