Ilmatis Okeno

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Ilmatis Okeno

Captain and first lord of the port of Okeno
circa 3506 AR
Source: Pirates of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 8

The slaver Captain Ilmatis Okeno declared herself the first lord of the port of Okeno in 3496 AR. Okeno originally began as a convenient spot for pirates to stop by to collect water and provisions without relying on the ports of the mainland nations. Captain Okeno encouraged other pirates to trade slavers there creating a convenient center for their business. The empires of Taldor and Cheliax required large number of slaves and Okeno provided a consistent supply. Captain Okeno ruled the port city for over a decade but she was killed when she tried to unite the slavers under her flag. For 300 years after her death, Okeno continued to serve as a pirate port without centralized leadership, despite various attempts to unify the pirates under a single banner.12


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