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Source: Doorway to the Red Star, pg(s). 86
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Ikeshtis are a species of red-scaled reptilian humanoids native to the deserts and mountains of Akiton, who possess a distinctive life cycle.1


Ikeshtis are small and reactive to the environment, and their bodies can rapidly physically adapt to their surroundings.12


Ikeshti females, called congregants, are tasked with leading the community, while males, called brood-minders, watch over the carnivorous, nearly-mindless hatchlings. Males are taught about childcare from a young age and expected to conform to rigid, selfless behaviours, which can exert significant societal pressure.13

Brood-minders who exhibit dangerous traits like violence often come into conflict with societal norms. Those who rebel against these norms might end up branded unsuitable for child-rearing, or even too dangerous to stay in the settlement. In the dangerous wilderness, their demand for survival can supercharge their adaptability, turning them into riveners, violent, instinct-driven brutes who possess hulking frames, hardened scales, elongated fangs and claws, and an endless frustration and rage carried over from their past.32


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