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Igroon, the Dragon Eater, is a kaiju infamous for its unwavering pursuit of dragons.1


Igroon is a towering saurian covered in thousands of tessellating chitinous plates, each as big as a galleon's sail, that gleam blindingly in the sun, and are made of an unidentified, unnaturally durable material that can harmlessly shrug off magical and elemental attacks. Numerous electric blue eyes, seemingly randomly spread on Igroon's face, continually adjust and readjust like clockwork. Despite its size, Igroon moves gracefully and effortlessly, with an eerie precision that has led some to speculate that it is a construct. Many reputable sources claim that Igroon's scales can bend light in order to camouflage itself, or that its form is indeterminate and can be reconfigured at will. When eating, Igroon unhinges its entire body and reveals its hidden, jagged maw on its underbelly.1

Igroon weakens natural disasters in a miles-wide radius, seemingly absorbing the energy for its own purpose; it has been observed inhaling volcanic ash and exhaling clean air, and creating vortices of clear weather in the middle of thunderstorms. When these powers are amplified, those in nearby settlements become light-headed as soundwaves in the air are dampened. When Igroon rattles its scales, the resulting sound can rupture organs or even cause entire bodies to explode.1


For the humanoids of Shenmen, where Igroon makes its home, it is regarded as a blessing or curse depending on which dragon drew it to the vicinity. When a town is terrorised by an underworld or forest dragon, a peasant might use an object bearing the dragon's scent to attract Igroon. Elsewhere, especially in Xa Hoi, Igroon is nothing short of an existential threat. All dragons in Tian Xia know of Igroon, and most give it a wide berth.1


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