Icerift Castle

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During the First Mendevian Crusade, the government of Mendev decided to establish a stronghold on its northern border with the Worldwound. As a result, work began on building Icerift Castle at the source of the West Sellen River near the Crown of the World. Before the castle was finished, however, the Mendevian forces had a change of heart. Conscious of the difficulty in supplying and reinforcing such a remote outpost, they decided to cancel the construction. A party of soldiers was sent north to escort home the construction crew and their guards, only to find that they had all been slaughtered and their hearts had been torn out. Even stranger, the attack did not appear to have been carried out by demons. The superstitious indigenous people of Mendev blamed the legendary wendigo for the killing, but no investigation was carried out; instead the site was declared anathema and removed from the nation's records.12

Recent History

A tribe of wikkawaks, a race of arctic bugbears, has occupied Icerift Castle in recent years. Led by their shaman, Ugmitok, the new lords of the castle worship the wendigo that caused the death of its original inhabitants nearly a century ago.3


Paizo published a significant article about Icerift Castle in Castles of the Inner Sea.

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