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Source: The Reaper's Right Hand, pg(s). 84-85

Hykariuts are a type of inevitable that quash rebellions and revolutions.1


Hykariuts are comprised of stone, wear spiked steel armour and heft an intimidating hammer. A hykariut is 14 feet tall and weighs 5,000 pounds.1


Hykariuts are equipped to operate with all the finesse of a scalpel. Depending on the need, a hykariut might simply give the crowd a reasoned argument, send them fleeing with its strong and booming voice, or use its hammer to send resonating waves of pure law to wash over the chaotic mob. A hykariut can show considerable restraint when suppressing riots, preferring non-lethal methods over actually killing the rioters.1

Due to their sheer mass, each hykariut requires the contribution of dozens of petitioners. Hundreds of oaths against corruption and chaos are embossed into each hykariut during construction, lending it an incorruptible defiance of the Maelstrom's influence.1


Hykariuts travel to their destinations using plane shift, asking travellers, or employing arbiters as scouts to arrive at the precise target. Most assignments require identification of the epicentres of insurrection, so a hykariut often recruits spies to remain properly informed. The hykariut might mentor them if doing so would help steer them to defend law in the future, but these teams are always temporary and will be disbanded once the mission is over.1

Hykariuts are fairly gregarious between assignments. They spend hours reviewing revolutionary literature to better understand them, or engaging in arguments against unstable political philosophies. At its core, a hykariut views mortals as conflicted creatures that require regulation. They are usually firm but merciful towards small-scale revolts, but against revolutions, a hykariut is willing to publicly pulverise a demagogue as an object lesson in civic obedience.1

Hykariuts rarely work together, and only against particularly tenacious rebellions.1

On Golarion

On Golarion, two hykariuts have watched over the Galtan Red Revolution since its beginning, but they have not actually moved against the Gray Gardeners or the Revolutionary Council, much to their agents' distress. This is possibly because they consider the incident contained or that the upheavals serve as a lesson to other societies.1


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